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We all have been granted a limited time… eventually all of us will end up underneath some sheet, never to wake up.

Long ago, a friend shared a post on Facebook in remembrance of his friend who battled cancer and was laid to rest on January 23, 2010. It was so hauntingly beautiful that it left me aching for a while. I somehow wanted to share her tale of courage. Many of the beautiful stories go viral but there are certain battles which are only recorded in the books of the ONE who dwells in heaven.

She wrote : “update on my health: I’m pretty sure I’m on the last stages where all I wanna do is sleep. But you guys make this so peaceful and a beautiful exit for me. I’m completely ready whenever it’s meant to happen, Gabby thank you for that poem, it made me cry likr a little girl, I’m using that at my funeral I hope you don’t mind, you’re such a beautiful writer and a beautiful person I love you too”
– Karina Araujo

It was hauntingly beautiful for the way how she could see it coming and still make peace with it. Embracing the days left, still smiling and running into the arms of death. What is it that they see, that we don’t ? Would we ever see how big their brave is?

Now, I quote the words my friend wrote :

“Happy Birthday, Karina!
A sweet friend passed away about 5 years ago. She fought the good fight against a strong enemy, cancer.
I monitored her last few months of LIVING and how she traveled aimlessly (but with aim), visiting places that she would otherwise likely not have gone, made new friends, tried new things and most important of all, just lived a completely incredible 70+ years of life all within the last year of her corporeal life.
I do not doubt that it was a scary, soul trembling endeavor. There is something to be said about facing an inevitable exit at the crossroad where despair, anxiety and fear of death meet calmness, acceptance and reverence of the design, that makes it a little easier to swallow but then again…..
Karina took an absolutely beautiful journey. I look at life and wonder how many of my friends are truly seizing the day and living their life. While not necessarily a believer in “your” god, I’m a firm believer in destiny. I think life is more of a “by design than an ill-planned, haphazard or accidental” occurrence wrapped in chance.
If by design, its easier to accept the journey. Ummm maybe in some way, that’s my religious protective blanket!
Will you wait until such an enemy has you in its target before you start living or do you wake up everyday and say,
“if this here is my last day, gooooddddamn it, immma immma fuck it! I’m going to rock out, even if my _____ is(can) not(be) out.”

… In the end, we all end up underneath some sheet. We become a worm feast. We go back as dust in the wind. Nothing of us remains. All that we can do is to live this one and only endless, tragic yet beautiful life, in such a way that when we exit the physical altar of life and travel to a place to whose bourn from where we cannot return, we would have left behind a fragment of our soul on Earth, in every life we would have touched. 

Facebook is a beautiful community that connects so many people, and their lives are intertwined and some lessons remain etched in our memories.

I hope stories of everyday heroes stay with us all and keep us strong.


One in a Million : A Short Promise of Life

What will we do if we were told that we don’t have much time left? That the light of life will slowly be extinguishing? And there will be no room to accomplish the things we have been avoiding for long? To confess a love we held captive inside of our hearts? To roll back time to spend it with the family we had not been seeing for a long time? 

One day, there will be no more time to do the things you have been wanting to do or still want to do. The only time is : ‘NOW.’ And it is as good as any other day.

A 28 year old boy, Ritchii Kara, with just 14 months of life promised to him, after being diagnosed with Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, human equivalent of mad cow disease, says : I think if you’re just going to sit about and be sad, what’s the point in going on anyway?

Ritchii Kara from Brighton who has just months to live after being diagnosed with CJD

With all the awful and horrible things this disease puts your through, he is wasting no time in fulfilling dreams on his “bucket list”, including a holiday to Hong Kong and a trip to for a gay pride festival in Hamburg, Germany, where Danish singer Whigfield, famous for her 90s hit Saturday Night, performed a song he had written. He even is raising awareness about CJD.

For being so benevolent and doing all of this, he is going to heaven.

I wish everyone affected with this incurable disease had a shot at the silver lining of life. I wish my uncle had it. I wish many others who have left the physical altar of life had that chance. My uncle had planned so much way ahead of time.. that once he retires from the Ministry, he’d travel the world. Alas, many times, life doesn’t work according to plans.

Oh, the unfinished life. Some times in life, we can surely take out time to read such stories and maybe sob a little and get inspired. These are heart warming and heart aching, at the same time. :’)

Meanwhile, there are other everyday heroes trying to spread awareness about this disease. Mr. Trevor Baierl created a CJD Documentary titled ‘One in a Million,’ which has faced rejection at the 52nd Ann Arbor Film Festival and American Documentary Film Festival. BUT it may also interest you to know that this documentary was also screened at the 2014 Laughlin International Film Festival where we it won the first ever Filmmaking for Humanity Award. In the times when movies and documentaries teach us a lot and facing rejections by these festivals only shows us that maybe, just maybe, no one wants to hear really about Prion Disease. Through consistent approach, Trevor seeks a worldwide distribution deal so that we can raise awareness and funding for research. Prion Disease research is leading the way to find treatments and hopefully a cure for not only Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, but also Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS.

Where many people gained a few likes on Facebook by sharing their ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ videos, do they care enough to at least open the damn links and videos from this blog post and share the word of Brain Killer diseases with the world?

Are you listening? Because we are watching? Do you care enough?

WATCH ON VIMEO : One in a Million : A CJD Documentary

I thank Trevor for all the love and hardwork he has been doing to help educate people in understanding this horrific disease.


I’m Nupur Walia, a law student and an NGO worker.

The inspiration to be associated with ISFiT has always lurked in my heart and mind. In my spare time, I like to scrounge events happening nationally and internationally. Three years back, my excessive googling led me to ISFiT.

The more I read about it, the more fascinated I became to be a part of it in some way. Then in 2013, one of seniors from college was a participant in ISFiT and that raised my excitement levels by leaps and bounds. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fund the arrangement so I  looked for some opportunity that can help me be connected with ISFiT by encouraging local action.

In the summer of 2014, I saw that the ambassador applications for ISFiT 2015 were open. Within no time, I completed my application. Next month or two, I just had to wait. Then, on the 2nd July, 2014. It said : “Congratulations! You have been accepted as the first group of ambassadors and you are now a part of ISFiT as an ambassador in your own country.” I was thoroughly happy to know that I will be associated with the world’s largest student festival. I knew that so many of us, from across the globe are going to be a part of this amazing experience.

Soon, we learnt that ISFiT 2015 will focus on the theme of corruption, the greatest single bane in most societies, so pervasive yet so easily ignored. Through our Ambassador crews, we were encouraged to trade our ideas as we wanted to create a peaceful riot against corruption globally. We wanted to urge dedicated students to apply for the festival and share their ideas with the world. By bringing this vice to the surface, our goal was also to persuade people and organization to focus their attention on the problem of corruption.

As a student of law, corruption remains a huge concern as we learnt about various scams and constantly deliberated about the need to protect whistleblowers in class discussions. More so, my indulgence in the NGO work and carrying out surveys had me learn the ground realities, where the authorities are constantly contravening the provisions of law. We can expect some of the most dishonest answers when people are daunted by the startling questions on corruption.

As I carried out a small workshop, I came across the most inconvenient truth. If you would ask people, ‘What is their take on corruption?” Surely, everyone has got an answer. But ask them if they have a corruption story or what have they done to curb it and watch the tables turn. It also came to my attention that the youth of the country was more open to talk about these issues. Soon, I realized that the idea behind the festival can be aptly and beautifully described in Kurt Cobain’s words : “The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.” Hence, the catalyst for change is the youth brigade.

As Abraham Lincoln once said : “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country… corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.

Looking at the Indian Corruption scenario, it seems dealing with corruption and staying calm is a talent most Indians have mastered so well. It has become an all pervasive problem and the greatest single bane of our society today.

Can we put an end to it ? How can we have democracy and corruption both exist at the same time? A country like ours that has seen corruption emanating from years of suppression at the hands of different rulers and British Raj. The rule and reigns ended but the suppression soaked a seed of greediness in all. Our own indifference became the root cause for a corrupt world.

During these months, my mind would wander about the corrupt practices and I’d look around to really notice what was happening. Corruption became the talk of my house as we sat to watch crime shows. The only workshop that had me curious and more curious was ‘Shades of Grey,’ because indeed, I believed corrupt practices cannot simply be straitjacketed within the meaning of ‘monetary bribes for personal gains’. It has other faces too… In many fields… And that is one reason why no one legislation can bring the perpetrators to books. Check other workshops here and pour in your suggestions by using the Discussion box.

As an ambassador, I liked talking about ISFiT and it’s campaigns through the social media platforms as they have a wider outreach than anything else. I went to a legal awareness campaign in one school in the month of October and without a plan of even mentioning about ISFiT, I ended up doing so because in that moment, I realized that the students who’d soon be starting college needs to know of such incredible opportunity. The teacher and principal there sat me down and was eager to learn about ISFiT. Since I was never short of the ISFiT cards, I’d distribute it over to people whenever I went to a new place.

I tried to collect personal accounts of corruption stories by shamelessly mailing and asking people to contribute. My campaign didn’t succeed. But for those of you still willing to expand the repository of corruption stories, go to the website of Global Infection and support the anti – corruption movement.

My story isn’t a win-win, because I didn’t make the cut to ISFiT 2015 as a participant. Owing to health issues, I didn’t really pursue the premium ambassador thing. If there is only ever one thing that ISFiT helped me attain : It was a way to become more and more vocal about the issues that truly concerns you and to be the voice that can get it noticed.

My association with ISFiT has been a fruitful learning experience as my country and the young minds needed to know of this great platform and I’m definitely positive that ISFiT2017 will have more applications from my country. I connected with fellow ambassadors and learnt their side of stories, which was truly unnerving. As Jarand Rystad said in the opening ceremony yesterday, “ISFiT is a place where you make friends for lifetime.” So, whether I’m a participant or not, I have found my bunch of friends.

And I’m so very proud to see the dedication and independent nature of every ISFiT volunteer. These people have got an iron backbone.

*Eyeing on ISFiT 2017*

I’d like to share more articles and stories in the coming days and trade my ideas by the virtue of ISFiT|Online.

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