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You are your own kind of beautiful

Beauty is a subjective thing.

Little girls look up to their mothers and think they are beautiful. But when that woman doesn’t think she’s beautiful,it sends a negative message to little girls who adore their mothers. So today, believe that you are beautiful because your daughter or future daughter depends on you to teach them about beauty.

My mother always looked beautiful.On the other hand, I always looked like a mess. Messy to me, wasn’t beautiful. Years ago, when I believed I wasn’t beautiful, that belief gave one guy the power to tell me that I’m really not. Some guy who had the audacity to say to me, ‘You’re not good looking.’ And so were his reasons to reject me. 

Now, only if he hadn’t tried to reject and break me with his words, I wouldn’t have come to know that I was unbreakable. Day by day,I believed that I’m a beautiful person and lived as if I was a beautiful girl. I wear whatever colors I like, I wear makeup the way I want to and it makes me look pretty. I can keep my face bare and look hideous, if I want to. More makeup, less makeup or no makeup, I still am the same person inside. It is irrelevant how the world perceives me, what matters is how I see myself.

And I don’t want to grow up to be the kind of lady who makes her kids think they can’t be beautiful. In the first place, such a thought shouldn’t even occur to them. We must raise our kids in a way that they grow up to become their own kind of beautiful… all kinds of beautiful.

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Why they say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..

Why they say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder..

When I first viewed this picture, Gabby almost looked like the Statue of Liberty there..in the sea green garment and if she were just holding a torch in her hand….For a long long time, the multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry and the media defined what beauty is. Because, according to them, 99% of us are “ugly” and need their products to “improve” ourselves!! Yeah, right!!
But, how about just loving yourself- regardless of what you look like? Let’s face it folks- most people WILL judge you- whether you deserve it or not. Innately, most folks are self centered, egotistical bigots! I don’t have a problem being honest about it, because too many people refuse to be honest about the real issues- and that is obvious to me. They would rather ignore it, smile, and ‘keep on swimming’.

How people perceives our appearance seems to be a statement as to how our brain happens to be wired and not a judgment of other person’s worth. If we can’t see the beauty in someone, that is our loss.
You know, confidence is sexy. I’m not posting meaningless platitudes, either- I mean it. A fat person who feels sexy, in spite of the hate and venom they receive, and goes through life under the notion that ugliness comes from behavior and not appearance, will always be ten times hotter than any thin person/fit person who lacks confidence and acts utterly repugnant, under the belief that sexiness is a body type and nothing else.

Halting your life because other people tell you to does nobody any good. Gabby doesn’t and so, she gets it right. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Don’t keep doing the same thing, in a different disguise, and expect the world to evolve. We have to MAKE it evolve….it won’t happen on its own! So, get off your lazy butts, endure the discomfort, and do something you’ve never done before; sit by someone that you wouldn’t normally sit by; say hello and start a friendly conversation w/ someone ‘your mind wants to judge’; pick up some trash; treat ALL people with respect.