Bucket List

Tada, I’m finally presenting everyone my bucket list.

1.) Finding true love
2.) Volunteer/Work for disabled
3.) Start a chain of kindness
4.) Travel and meet people with different ethnicity
5.) Adopt a Child
6.) See a White Christmas
7.) Celebrate Halloween
8.) Read books while lying on the Hammock
9.) Adventure Sports : Skiing/Underwater Diving/Motor crossing/Water Boat ride/Paragliding/Bungee Jumping
10.) Buy a House and Car for the Family.
11.) Being an Organ Donor (THIS SEEMS ENOUGH, FOR NOW)
12.) Be a writer (self proclaimed, for now) :p
13.) Be a proud owner of Golden Retriever
14.) Build a small station where anyone who can’t afford books can read and have a coffee. (I’d cover the books, put some tags on it which define it’s category. That way, no one would judge a book by the cover.) *wink*
15.) Have a Hindu and Christian Wedding.
16.) Sing in Church Choir.
17.) Make my kids read my blog, watch Naruto.
18.) Visit Ireland at the time of St. Patrick’s Day
19.) Obtain Foreign Education
20.) Do Karaoke
21.) Catch a butterfly
22.) Visit Japan and travel in Naruto train
23.) Attend a Comic Con
24.) Be a Makeup artist
25.) Meet Salman Khan
26.) Buy or be gifted a Big Teddy.
27.) Wake up on my birthday to a room full of flowers balloons floating in the air.
28.) Learn to play a musical instrument, preferably VIOLIN.
29.) Be in two places at once.
30.) Try to capture as much moments of life (the setting sun, the snow fight, wind breathing through my hair etc etc)
31.) Meet my Facebook family.
32.) Walk with my lover on the beach while holding hands.
33.) See the sunrise and sunset at a beautiful place
34.) Visit a Waterfall
35.) Visit a Graveyard
36.) Volunteer at a Children’s Hospital
37.) Be the change I wish to see in the world
38.) Learn new and difficult words


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