Humans with Orenda

Orenda is a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world or to effect change in their own lives.

Very interestingly, these people have the potential to live in the clouds of their own imagination and they are not the ones who totally obey the conventions of society, literature or art. They are Nefelibatas. They live a life as vivid and complete. They are the Humans with Orenda. They inspire the world.  They achieve and accomplish the unconventional.

Some of the people that have inspired me are : 

  1. Christopher McCandless (Alexander Supertramp)
  2. V.R. Krishna Iyer
  3. Nick Vujicic
  4. Stephen Hawking
  5. Robin Williams
  6. Chester Bennington
  7. Lizzie Velasquez
  8. Irom Sharmila
  9. John Nash
  10. Shiloh Pepin
  11. Nilesh Singit
  12. Karuna Ma’am
  13. Everyday Heroes
  14. Owners of some “Humans of _________ Pages.”
  15. Mashashi Kishimoto
  16. Macy Millers
  17. Alex Chacon
  18. Subrata Ghosh
  19. People promoting CJD & Prion Disease Research
  20. My Family
  21. Myself

List to be updated from time to time.

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