The Writer Within

My life had been a tale of bittersweet moments (mostly inclined towards the bitter part). I had trouble in expressing myself to people, not because I couldn’t do it, but despite trying several times, I couldn’t make peace with the fact that whatever you tell, people might not ever understand. So, I had tons of emotions bottled up inside of me, for too long. As long as they remained caged inside my heart, they made me think, over think and in the moments when confusion penetrated, I doubted, I questioned and then, I eventually began to find my answers. It was soon that I realized that the answers to my grief, my anguish lay inside of me and the only support that I needed would come from within me.
I once wrote this status ( I shall link it soon) that fetched much attention from my friends. In that, I had articulated my reflection on life, months after I’d met with an accident. The appreciation I received imbibed in me a sense to articulate by feelings, and then, I began writing.

Although my blog had existed for long before that, but I never blogged regularly. I’m an occasional writer, as of now. The things that remain stuck in my head for too long or the ones that affect me, usually find their way into words.

Many writers are gifted with a sense to spin their stories, their thoughts with profound vocabulary. On the other hand, I write simple, without making use of exemplary vocabulary. Coming from a background where I constantly avoided indulgence in speaking English (despite being class topper), I worked really hard to polish my English skills. And to be able to write all of this and reaching where I am in life right now (with people always being amazed by the way I write), I see it as a major accomplishment and a miraculous blessing from the heavens.

There are many people to thank for setting up this blog, for they constantly reminded me to start blogging. (I’d post a picture soon)

I hope everyone will enjoy my posts as much as I would enjoy writing & posting them.

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