Decorate with Mosses


The colors of nature have always been my favorites, like the shades of blue’s and green’s. I find an analogy between these prime colors of nature and my affinity for the two, particularly.

As an isophilist, my heart beats best observing the everyday events of nature. A gaze into the vast expanse of big blue sky, at the lush green cover of the mountains, at the bright yellow of the rising sun, the filtered white air after the rain showers, the dusky brumous winter evenings, at the infinite dark space of the sky and the twinkling of stars and the moonshine. I feel my best when I’m closer to nature.

As I dwell in my solitude, few minutes of nothingness seems far more valuable than hours of human interactions. Taking a stroll in the park, after light rain showers, I admired the greener the park looked, like it has been cleansed. I wondered : ‘What if, when we die and we stand before God and he asks us : ‘What was heaven like?’ Why would it otherwise be painted the way it is?

What if this one Earth… this one life is all that we have? We are out here briefly, and so we should find ways to experience joy.

As my feet met the surface of Mother Earth, I had an an almost positive itch to believe that our walking upon this Earth as walking in God’s own garden. This one life is the heaven we have been destined to live through.

And while we are all out there taking our long walk through this garden, we are in a constant pursuit to find something beautiful or the other. Usually, everyone wants to find something that is beautiful as roses are, because by virtue of our human nature, we chase beauty, even if its accompanied with thorns. That’s how life is, really.

We gaze at the nature, feel mesmerized at its beauty because its a picturesque canvas. I wondered why can’t we look at people with the same eyes, without passing judgments. Because there is so much more to them than what meets the eye.

While we are out there gathering the most beautiful rose, we hurdle and find ourselves not settling unless we find the best and beautiful of all the roses. We walk and walk and return empty handed. By this time, someone else took what we felt like passing by.

Even then, beauty is only subjective.

We pay less attention to other things that have less beauty to offer, like mosses and I’m the kind of person who marvels more at this harmless, clump of plant, and I would rather plant my soul garden with it, seemingly ‘insignificantly’ and growing in dense, damp places, yet petaling the ground just as beautifully as the infinitesimal grass.

Maybe it gives me the realization that : ‘Its not so much about where and how you grow, what matters is what you grow into.”

Initial appearances, therefore, can only be decepting. Its all about growth and grooming. A hairy moth grows into a beautiful butterfly whereas a lovely tadpole turns into an ugly frog.

Everything has beauty, of its own kind. You just have to peel beyond the layers, dig deep and see whats underneath, all the sheen. That’s why they say : ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’

It takInitial appearances, therefore, can only be decepting. Its all about growth and grooming. A hairy moth grows into a beautiful butterfly whereas a lovely tadpole turns into an ugly frog. Some things have their own kind of beauty to offer.essomeone ordinary to appreciate roses. It takes someone extraordinarily ordinary to appreciate mosses.

Those with hardened circumstances can become softened souls.

Those with easy stances are sometimes are as solid as stones.

Find your own meaning of beauty. Be your own kind of beautiful. Remember, once you find it and you are it, the thing of beauty becomes a joy forever. Create your heaven while you are still here. What’s beyond this is not foretold.


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