Happy 4th Birthday, Christian!

Today, I’m celebrating the fourth birthday of a very special boy named Christian Buchanan : God’s Anointed One. I can’t believe that a year has already passed since I first got to know Christian’s journey. How heartwarming it has been to watch him grow.

Getting bigger with each morning light!

Getting bigger with each morning light!

I know one thing as a fact, CHRISTian was painted by HE who dwells in heaven, in his own image. He has come a long, long way and has miles to go. He is God’s vessel, and he has made it so far, because Christ lives with him, in him, in his name and his heart.

When I think of him and so many other kids with special needs, not only I respect their indomitable spirit but that of their parents too, for they are equally SPECIAL.

We hear all these stories about how everyone plans these perfect families. And sometimes, it is all blown away, for a while. But life shouldn’t be spent making mistakes and the one mistake some parents NEVER make is to abandon their seeds, just because they turned out to be different than many others. They do it, because they know, we are not all perfect. These parents are like are master gardeners, they tend to every leaf removing the weeds, placing their kids in the windows of opportunity so that they can lean towards the sun and never forget that the sky is the limit. They plant kisses on their cheeks, hugs on their kid’s backs and grow their love on them the best way they know how. They walk a daily nightmare of seeing their kids go through painful medical procedures, numerous surgeries on their tender bodies, with needles being stuck in their arms, the nausea that comes after the surgeries, the cries, the pain. They do it so that one day, they can see their child live out his/her dreams. They water these kids with blood, sweat and tears so that they may be ripe for the harvest, hoping that one day their kids can be as great the parents as they were for them.

On many days, I thank thee for not only how HE blessed me to learn such stories but also gave me a chance to connect with them. From the age of 16 or 17, I had read many stories on kids and people with special needs : Shiloh, Zion, Sam, Lizzie, Nick, David and Christian. Together, they had kept on changing my outlook on life and in moments of despair, I could sometimes, think of them. I have received the strength to see my own challenges differently. They have shown me that life is so much bigger than self.

The ruthless comments by the world has tried to break this family’s will number of times, but unhindered and unfettered, they have risen up. And I wish them truckloads of strength.

Some day, when Christian grows, I would really want him to be a musician. He loves it so much. And I hope he can see the light of the day. May smiling lips always look great on him. May the good Lord lead him wherever he can be happy, for HE said : “I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths, I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light.” Isaiah 42:16

I’m anxious to see all he is going to be.

Happy Birthday, lovely Christian. ❤


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