The State of the World

This poem is an amateur’s attempt to articulate how corruption affects the state of everything around us. Feel free to comment.

As long as the work for ‘some’ is getting done,
Who cares if the general public is making runs.
As long as the work for ‘some’ is getting done,
Who cares if the general public is making runs.

We live in the land of deaf and dumb,
Being silent about things that matter,
has left us numb,
And really, who listens to whom?

This land with all the glorious parts,
was a place of brave patriotic young hearts,
There is shallow honesty,
for now, this land is ruled by dishonesty.

So much ruckus for a piece of paper,
‘Give me money!’ is the ideology, everywhere.
Will we take it to the heaven?
Or will we hang it up on the wall?

Many innocent faces,
but intentions are evil,
With faces masked so well,
It’s hard to see through deceptions.

Put some bribe in someone else’s pocket,
And all your mistakes will be spared.
But if you riot against it,
Your life might not be spared.

Truthfulness has sealed it’s lips,
Liars are playing their games.
There’s so much corruption,
And not many to challenge it.

Lands are dry and barren,
Stomachs are hungry,
They say, ‘India is Great.’
But the women here, are unsafe.

Leaders are enjoying the riches,
while the common man suffers,
Wounds are dressed with balm of helplessness,
And the sick and diseases wander in streets.

Why do we grow guns in our farms,
Instead of wheat and rice,
When children across the land,
aches with painful cries of hunger.

Let us make a pledge,
And while we sing Hallelujah,
We also lend a helping hand,
To trap the ones who corrode this land.

Tighten the Education rules,
Brighten the Future generation.
Ask for your rights and if you don’t get it,
Then, put up a mighty fight,

Be a role model generation for the ones to come,
Be their ladder to growth and development.
Let’s claim what is rightfully ours,
Fulfill our duties in the need of hour.

We share the world in our own right,
And we must strive to see it shine in a new light.
The common man should no longer be sad,
It must challenge, develop a vision and pursue new paths.

If we want to sleep peacefully each day,
then we must wake from the slumber now.
And raise the curtain, because the only way
A dream is achieved is by waking up in the ‘now.’

The past is past;
heavy one or light; it is gone,
But, together, we can create a future,
that will gloriously last.

Then, we will sing in pride
‘That the struggle was a blast.’
Through the sands of time, we’ll ride
And reclaim : ‘Yes, everything is first class.’


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