The Underappreciated One

Humans have a tendency to start feeling worthless if they don’t have any work to do. While some are bound to do work because they signed up for the task in lieu of perks, there are others who do it for passion, even those who do it because there’s not just so much of a job that they can get. Everybody would get something tangible in return for the work they do. Except ONE person!

Yes, there’s only one person in this world, who will stand in bitter cold, wash, clean, dry, make sure everyone is warm and in comforts, even if she is herself unable to even step down from bed or herself is shivering in cold.

The one person who would give up the comforts of AC all the time, and would rather stand by the gas stove, preparing dishes that everyone will savor, even when the beads of sweat grow until perspiration run down her face.

With her swollen feet, paining knees or feeling of nausea, she goes on doing everything to comfort everyone in the family, without a single complaint or anything in return and yet she is the most under appreciated person.

Only one person!

Her job requires her to be on a 24 * 7 duty. No breaks, no recaps, no perks. The lady of the house is so much of a giver that anything and everything she wants in return is for other’s to be happy. While she is at it, she mostly remains under appreciated.

To all Husbands, it’s your Wife.
To all Kids, it’s your Mother.
Be really blessed for you have her.

This woman is there in (almost) every house and we owe this woman a debt of love and praise for she goes through all the uneasy days and having a job which never ends with a schedule that’s hard to comprehend. In her entire life, for almost 20-25 years or so, she had never been required to do so much of work, as she does for the next 30-40 years of her life.

Sometimes, the husbands tell their wives, “Tu karti hi kya hai?” (What do you do all day?) The kids also utter the same words. I too had been guilty of misbehaving with my mother at countless occasions. While I was a school goer, my mornings would began by bickering, for she didn’t tie my hair into a ponytail correctly and while I was getting late for school, she would move around me, holding a glass of milk and a plate with toasts. While I acted stubborn, she would be persistent in her efforts, ensuring that I never left for school, with my stomach empty.

Even thought I have grown up now, the bickering over teeny tiny things still prevail in the house, but I’ve grown to understand that in the grand scheme of things, these things can be and should be overlooked.

In the year 2009, my mother became seriously ill. What followed was a series of checkups, medications and her fading health. In that moment, we realized that as long as she worked, the house was organized and in order. When she fell sick, things started getting to us, no matter how responsible we had to be.

Then, last year, she suffered a wrist bone fracture that led to her hand being non-functional for over 6 months. One day, she collapsed in the hospitals after X-ray and I got a call from my sister who cried over the phone, saying ‘Maa isn’t reacting or opening her eyes.’ I rushed to the hospital and there she lay, sweating profusely, no movement in the body or the eyes. Her mouth was stuck, she couldn’t utter a single word for hours. In that brief moment, I realized fragility of life. That night, I stayed with her by the bedside and we talked and she spoke of things we should take care of, if there comes a time when she won’t be around. My heart ached at her words but I listened. The night went peacefully and the next morning, it really hit me hard when my mother who was lying beside me, was calling my name in her feeble cries of pain. She lacked all the physical strength that morning to move her body. I’d jumped out of the bed and struggled for fifteen minutes to make her get up. But I did.

For all the times that she remained ill, life taught me a great lesson : ‘I mothered by mother.’

They are givers and they keep our lives moving.

Very recently, actor Sharman Joshi sent across a beautiful message through this short film.

Take time to acknowledge this woman in your life or even better, try switching roles with her so that you can come to learn that her’s is a job that isn’t done for money but for the love and sake of family. And while you celebrate International Women’s Day, make sure you also celebrate the LADY OF YOUR

You don’t always have to tell your mother that you love her, but when you do, make sure she feels it.


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