Slam Book

Remember the time when back in school days, we would roam around with colored pens and our slam books when the academic session would be approaching it’s end. We made our friends fill our slam books. But today, I think I’m going to fill it for myself as well. (But in the blogging way, of course.) That’s the best way to introduce myself to my readers. SO THIS SLAM BOOK BELONGS TO “NUPUR WALIA” … And it is to be filled in by me, so that I am remembered whole life through.

  1. I’m identified as : Nupur Walia
  2. Loved ones call me : Kanu, Candy, Naippo, Nippo, Noops.
  3. My dwelling place : Somewhere over the rainbow. [JK] Chandigarh, India
  4. I can be contacted at ~ Ph : Oh, these social network portals are enough.
  5. The very first day when I cried and spread smiles all around : 24 November, 1992. (My mother was smiling too while I was crying. :O )
  6. My sun sign : Sagittarius
  7. Movies I don’t mind seeing a hundred times : ~ HOME ALONE ! (The kid inside of me surfaces every time I watch this movie) ~ Confessions of a Shopaholic (Oh, the lust for things you don’t think you need) ~ Leap Year : (My heart and soul is somehow entwined far away in Ireland) ~ P.S I Love You : (Aye, I wish I find that kind of a love in life) ~ Hachiko : (Pets are your closest friends who remain silent but are always there and stick with you to infinity and beyond) ~ Toy Story/Up and every other Pixar Movie ~ Harry Potter (Everybody needs Magic) ~ Hocus Pocus (The first movie I watched when we bought a bigger TV, plus I love Halloween) ~ I’m sure the list is countless.
  8. Favorite actor/actress : Morgan Freeman, Jim Carry, Tom Hanks, Leonardo Di Caprio, Bradley Cooper, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, entire cast of The Walking Dead (especially Norman Reedus), Barney Stinson and many other actors who play roles on small screen as well. Actresses : Mila Jovovich, Kathy Bates.
  9. I’d love to tame : Dinosaur. LOL
  10. Music that sets my feet tapping : Groovy
  11. My favorite mouth watering delights : Desserts
  12. Favorite Pastime : Reading about acts of kindness, miracle, positivity.
  13. The day where I didn’t know where to hide my face : Probably when minutes before my Paper Presentation, my entire piece of writing got torn because the water spilled on it. I got a prize but since I worked hard on it, I didn’t like my average performance.
  14. A striking event which left a lasting impression : Three moments define my life’s greatest pain : 1.) Abusive relation between my parents and my mother’s sufferings and then ours. 2.) Losing grandmother to stomach cancer. 3.) Losing my father like uncle to Creuztfelt Jakob Disease (CJD).
  15. The one and only wish that I would want fulfilled : (No, there are many) 1.) Finding true love 2.) Volunteer/Work for disabled 3.) Start a chain of kindness 4.) Travel and meet people with different ethnicities 5.) Adopt a Child 6.) See a White Christmas 7.) Celebrate Halloween 8.) Read books while lying on the Hammock 9.) Adventure Sports : Skiing/Underwater Diving/Motorcrossing/Water Boat ride/Paragliding/Bungee Jumping 10.) Buy a House and Car for the Family. 11.) Being an Organ Donor (THIS SEEMS ENOUGH, FOR NOW) 12.) Be a writer 13.) Have an Akita/ Adopt a dog 14.) Build a small station where anyone who can’t afford books can read and have a coffee. (I’d cover the books, put some tags on it which define it’s category. That way, no one would judge a book by the cover.) *wink* 15.) Have a Hindu and Christian Wedding. 16.) Sing in Church Choir. 17.) Make my kids read my blog & watch Naruto. 18.) Visit Ireland at the time of St. Patrick’s Day 19.) Obtain Foreign Education 20.) Do Karaoke 21.) Catch a butterfly 22.) Visit Japan and travel in Naruto train 23.) Attend a Comic Con 24.) Do a Naruto/Frozen Cosplay 25.) Be a Makeup artist 26.) Meet Salman Khan 27.) Buy or be gifted a Big Teddy. 28.) Wake up on my birthday to a room full of flowers balloons floating in the air. 29.) Learn to play a musical instrument, preferably VIOLIN. 30.) Be in two places at once. 31.) Try to capture as much moments of life (the setting sun, the snow fight, wind breathing through my hair etc etc) 32.) Honeymoon in Bibury Cotswold. 33.) Go to Verona, Italy. (Wish inspired by movie Letters to Juliet)
    34.) Visit Giethoorn, Netherlands (Place with no roads)
  16. I was on cloud 9 when : The moment is yet to come.
  17. I dream of becoming : an asset to the society
  18. About Myself : Little things in life make me happy. I like to be acknowledged and appreciated. I learn from every tiny source in life, even in the times of loneliness. I like being a support system for others. I’d like to leave a little something of myself in people, when I die.

That’s all, Folks. 🙂


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