The Flight to Heaven or Depths of water… Will we ever know ?

On March 8, MH370 took it’s flight with 239 people on board. Little did anyone know it’d turn out to be flight to heaven. The whole thing has left the world baffled, like some riddle which is not ready to yield any answers (not just yet.) I personally feel humbled by the search efforts. And it’s little hard to accept the theory that surrounds the ill-fated plane. Humans have been believed to survive miraculously when met with worst circumstances. But the chances of that happening, are always bleak. After all of this, the families of the missing people have nothing to do BUT WAIT. Wait to die… wait to live… wait for an absolution that would never come. No one can comprehend which pain is worse : the shock of what happened or the ache for what never will. Life is an uncertain gamble. People get die everyday… we just don’t let ourselves believe it can happen to us… And the more precious someone is to us, the harder it is for us to accept that they might die. Sometimes, you actually convince yourself that there’s no way they could die. It tears me apart as I write this. The greatest human emotion is to be able to feel deeply and intensely for anyone whose paths you may never cross. It is not relevant whether the people who went missing were my own or they were not. They were someone’s family, someone’s everything. A parent could have lost a child; the old has lost his/her only support in the fading days of their life. The loss in inexplicable!!! A sad and heartbreaking reminder of what life can leave behind : Dark memories, sorrows and grief. And only God shall know if that pain will ever go away or not.

Requiescat in pace to all the unfinished lives. May the grieving hearts find their peace. Amen!


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