Boketto (Japanese) – Gazing Vacantly (English)

The word is beautiful !

The Fae Poet's Hollow

Sometimes hiding in strength can lead to moments of weakness.

I believe today has been one of those days for myself.

Though the idea of weakness is something which I both abhor and embrace, I feel that their are no other words that speak what I’m feeling.

Today has been emotional for me.

Emotion and my best writing works go hand in hand… But I think today is a different type of released expression.


Boketto is a Japanese word which frankly doesn’t have a good English translation.

The idea behind Boketto is staring at the sky without a thought… Losing ones own self in the distance.

I happened across the word in a forum today and was struck by how perfectly I understand it.

How much my American English upbringing failed to have such a miraculous word. And it also moved me to write on where I happen to…

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