The Underappreciated Woman

There’s only one person in this world, who will stand in bitter cold, wash, clean, dry, make sure everyone is warm and in comforts even if she is unable to even step down from bed or herself is shivering in cold,  or if the beads of sweat grow until perspiration run down her face. Even with her swollen feet or feeling nauseous, she goes on doing everything to comfort us, without a single complaint or anything in return and yet she is the most under appreciated person. 

Only one person!
To All Husbands, its your Wife.
To all Kids, its your Mother.
Be really blessed for you have her. 

We owe this woman a debt of love and praise for she goes through all the uneasy days and having a job which never ends with a schedule that’s hard to comprehend. Take time to acknowledge this woman in your life or even better, try switching roles with her so that you can come to learn that her’s is a job that isn’t done for money but for the love and sake of family. 



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