To blog or not to blog…


“Life would have been boring without ideas and words to express them.”

Hey y’all! Welcome aboard!

This is my first ever attempt at writing a post for my own blog, “The Universe, The Life & Everything”. I would love to voice myself on just about any topic, subject, stories I can think of. Having mentioned that, the blog name looks just apt. Lest we forget, variety is the spice of life. Only time will tell if at all I’m any good at it.

I’ve been more of a pen and paper kind of person. On paper, it’s more personal, it’s permanent, and it’s not subject to harsh criticism like it would be here. But yes, writing has always been a very vibrant activity and I’ve always found inspiration in it. Back in the school days, I used to be passionately involved in creative writing contests. However, I’m far from being considered a writer. A Japanese writer “Sei Shonagon” once said in the “The Pillow Book: If writing did not exist, what terrible depressions we should suffer from.

While I know that writers write to show the world the right direction. People like me, simply want to share their thoughts, not because I think it will change the minds of those who think differently, but to send across a message to those who think like me that they aren’t alone. Write ups, big or small, creative or factual, it inspires one to adopt the right path. It’s a worthy talent and well-written articles touch the heart and heal our wounds besides giving cathartic emotions a creative outlet.

Through the online platforms, the world has been offered a very lucrative mode to express their views, opinions and feelings about things that influence them individually and the public, at large. I believe we write because we feel the power of the written words; we become the words we read, the doorway to imagination opens up. Some people have a knack with the words, some don’t.

I can’t assure you whether all my blog posts will be personalized journal kind of a stuff. To be able to wright things the right way, I may end up looking for quotes and proverbs. Besides, I’ve just got started and whatever feedback I will receive to what I write will be the touchstone of how far I can go. I will hope to come up with interesting reads and find my blogging voice.

Stay tuned, y’all.

Feel free to share your feedback.



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